Did this winter get you down? The flu was bad this year and seemed to make several trips around my neck of the woods. The weather was cold, and kept getting colder. It seems stress levels were high this winter as well. If you feel the same, then you need a healing trip to Fiji this summer!

Fiji is Good for the Soul

Take a trip to Fiji

Psychology Today says there are 3 main psychological benefits for vacations. First, they say that a resort vacation not only makes us feel more energetic and reduces stress, but also positively impacts are immune function and even gives us a boost in antiviral activity.

I think we are all aware that Burnout impacts productivity. However, disengaging from work makes us more productive and engaged at work. After a vacation, 64 percent of people say that they are ”refreshed and excited to get back to my job.”

Being productive in life takes creativity. Some recent studies have shown that CEOs rate creativity as the #1 most important trait for employees. However, the monotony of the daily grind can zap your creativity. No worries though, a healing trip to Fiji can help you get that creative spark back! One study showed that hiking in nature led to a 50 percent spike in creativity. We have a lot of nature for you to explore in Fiji!

Fiji is Good for the Body

Who doesn’t love lying out on the beach? Well it turns out that a relaxing week at the beach has plenty of physical benefits.

Vitamin D 

For starters, there is vitamin D. Vitamin D is created in our skin when it is exposed to direct sunlight. Everyone knows Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and teeth, as well as helping support the immune and nervous systems and regulate insulin levels. However, recent studies have shown that a substantial percentage of the population is vitamin D deficient.

Ocean Air

Next, there is the ocean air. Salt air does wonders for the respiratory system. If you suffer from bronchitis, sinus pressure or even asthma, spending some time at the beach can do wonders for you health. The salty ocean air contains negatively charged hydrogen ions and these help you absorb oxygen and they balance out serotonin levels. This results in more energy and can relieve depression.

Salt Water

A Healing Trip to Fiji

We are all well aware that swimming is great exercise. We already talked about the benefits of salt air, but does swimming in the oceans salt water have extra benefits? You bet it does. Not only does it hydrate skin and enhance the immune system, it is also rich in magnesium that has been shown to relax muscles and help with sleep. In addition, the sand carried in the ocean currents and churned up by the waves is a great exfoliate. 

A Healing Trip To Fiji Will Make You Summer Perfect

Book yourself a trip to the ultimate south pacific getaway, and rejuvenate your body and soul. The Mamanuca and Yasawa islands have resorts to fit any need and budget, and Turtle Airways has flights from Nadi to your resort of choice. Give us a call, and start feeling right again.