island transfers in FijiLocated in the south of Pacific Ocean are the Fiji Islands, often described as the home of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Fiji is a collective group of islands making up the island nation. The archipelago is located on the east of Vanuatu, and it is made up of 522 islets and 322 islands. The Fiji islands are full of spectacular sceneries making the archipelago one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. To get the most out of your vacation in Fiji, it is imperative to think about the island transfers in Fiji. What means are you going to use when moving from one island to the other?

Like in other archipelagos, speedboats and seaplanes are the most common means of transports for passengers traveling from one island or islet to another. Speed boats are very popular in the Fiji Islands, but their services are nowhere close to what you get by using a seaplane, particularly the Turtle Airways seaplanes. Below is a rundown of the reasons you should consider using Turtle Airways seaplanes, as opposed to speedboats, for island transfers in Fiji.

1. Convenience and Reliability

When you are on vacation, your time there is not unlimited. Thus, being able to move from one location to another within the shortest time possible is of paramount importance. You don’t want to spend many hours traveling when there is an easier alternative. You want the convenience of being able to get from one point to another within the shortest time possible. This is the convenience that Turtle Airways seaplanes offer. Turtle Airways offers private seaplanes, and you won’t experience any waits or delays. By using a seaplane, the journey that could have taken 3 hours on a speedboat is reduced to 30 minutes. If you travel to two different destinations like this, using a seaplane saves you up to five hours.

2. Aerial View of the Archipelago

Top Types of vessels for island transfers in FijiOf what value will your vacation in Fiji be if don’t get that spectacular view of the archipelago in the Pacific? The truth is that you can’t get that from a speedboat. However, using a seaplane enables you to get an aerial view of the islands. Turtle Airways offers low-lying scenic flights giving you a chance to get the spectacular view of the archipelago. From a sea place, you can view the shape of the archipelago from every angle. All you need to do is look out through the windows and enjoy the beauty of the Fiji islands from the air.

3. Pocket-Friendly and Safe

Time is money, and no one takes this famous saying more seriously that Turtle Airways. By helping you save time, you get to save a lot of money in the process. By being able to travel from one island to another and back on the same day, it saves you the money you would spend at a different resort if a speedboat can’t make it back on the same day. Unlike speed boat operators, Turtle Airways relies on weather experts to ensure that you only fly when the weather allows. Because of the speed of seaplanes, it is unlikely for them to be engulfed in bad storms if there is a rapid change in wealthier conditions.

In conclusion, it is apparent that seaplanes are more convenient, reliable, pocket-friendly and safe as compared to speed boats. It is also clear the Turtle Airways seaplanes offer low-lying scenic flights that enable you to enjoy the aerial view of the Fiji islands. Thus, if you are planning to go on vacation in Fiji, Turtle Airways seaplanes are a better bet as compared to speedboats when it comes to the choice of the means for island transfers in Fiji.