vacation to FijiThese days, everyone wants more from everything. We want a car that can drive itself, a home that is smart, and a phone that does everything. But what if I told you that a vacation to Fiji can make you a better person?

The monotony and stress of our day to day lives can leave you exhausted, both physically and mentally. This exhaustion leads to a decline in decision making skills, a short attention span, and sometimes, a short temper. A vacation is like a reset switch for your brain. Getting away from your stress for a week or two and relaxing lets you get back to your old self. By why is Fiji the best place to reset?

The Beach

Fiji is a nation made up of over 300 islands and 500 islets. In Fiji, an amazing beach is never far away. Several studies have shown that spending time at the beach has a profound effect on our minds and bodies.

The salt air that is carried on the ocean breezes is ionized. Breathing this air clears your esophagus and lungs, and helps you breathe better, while promoting long, deep breaths. The negative ions that you breathe from the ocean air also help boost your immune system, and helps balance your serotonin levels. This improves your mood, reduces stress and helps you sleep better.

Swimming in seawater also boosts your immune system. The seawater contains several minerals, and other substances (including iodine) that help rid your body of toxins, help wounds heal faster, is good for your thyroid, and can even stop a runny nose.

The rhythmic sounds of ocean waves have also been proven to lower stress levels, trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin, and lull you into a relaxed state. Some psychologists attribute this to your subconscious relating the steady sound of the waves to the beating of your mothers heart that you heard while in utero.

Can a Vacation to Fiji make you a better person?The People

The Fijian People constantly end up on the top of the list for the “happiest people on earth”. And why not? If you lived in a tropical island paradise, you would probably be pretty happy as well. They say a smile is contagious, so if you spend some time with the local Fijian people, There happiness will rub off on you. Try setting up a local village while you are in Fiji, and maybe you can take part in a Kava Ceremony, or even see some fire dancing. Spending time with Fijian will not only make you a happier person, but exposing yourself to other culture will make you a better person.

The Environment

Parts of Fiji, like the Yasawa island chain, have been closed to land based tourists up until the late 1980’s. As a result, these islands are still very much in a natural state. There really is no better way to get back to nature then a visit to one of the small, boutique resorts that dot the Yasawa islands. These resorts tend to be run by local Fijians from nearby tribes, and have been built with sustainability in mind.

Spending a week or two in a beachside villa in a small Yasawa resort will give you prime exposure to the amazing beaches, the wonderfull culture, and the amazing environment of Fiji. Turtle Airways offers several flights from Nadi to the Yasawa islands per day, and can usually get you to your resort in around 30 minutes. So come to Fiji, flip the reset switch, and become a better human being.