getting to your customized south pacific holidayThese days, everything is on demand. You can have a customized car, a customized radio station, a customized dinner, and even a customized south Pacific holiday in Fiji!

The south Pacific has always been a bucket list destination for people who love the beach, traveling, exploring cultures, seeing nature, or just going to beautiful places. But to many places in the south Pacific offer cookie cutter vacations that may be nice for some, may not be right for you. If you really want to get the most out of your tropical vacation, you need to get a customized south Pacific holiday in Fiji.

Find A Resort to Fit Your Needs

Fiji is filled with resorts that cater to all tastes. You can find large, self contained resorts on the big island that have everything you need right on property. You can also head out to outlying islands to find dozens of boutique resorts that cater to more specific likes.

If eco-tourism is your thing, there are many resorts in Fiji’s Yasawa island chain that are built with sustainability in mind. Most of these resorts are owned and operated by local Fijians who live in nearby villages and have a very strong desire to preserve their ancestorial island home for future generations.

The majority of the resorts in the Yasawa island chain are smaller in size then the large corporate resorts found on the big islands. Many of these boutique resorts accommodate only a few dozen or less guests at a time. This leads to an amount of privacy, and customized service that you can only get from a customized south pacific holiday in fiji.

Find a Price that Suits You

Another amazing aspect of the resorts in the Yasawa islands is that you can find a price point to truly gives you a customized south Pacific holiday. The resorts in the Yasawa island chain range from ultra luxurious, all inclusive, private luxury resorts to dorm style budget friendly resorts and everything in between.

One resort may have a 32 bunk dorm where you can stay with several other guests and save a bunch of money (because who wants to stay in their room all day when you are in Fiji). You can spend the day swimming in the crystal clear waters of a Fijian lagoon, spend the evening by a fire on the beach, and retire to your inexpensive bed for a well deserved sleep at night.

However, if your trip to Fiji is a bit more romantic in nature, you may choose the privacy that comes with a secluded beachfront villa. Some resorts may even have private beaches adjacent to these villa’s to let you and your love one spend quality time together undisturbed.

customized south pacific holidayChoose Activities that are Your Style

Creating a customized south Pacific holiday in Fiji means choosing activities, and the places to do them, that match your style. From diving in limestone caves to diving with amazing sea life, boating, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing paddle boarding, you name it. Any type of water activity you enjoy is available in Fiji. You can also hike through lush forests, climb volcanic peaks, and go horseback riding on the beach. Figure out the activities you want to do them, then find out where to do them.

Turtle Airways offers not only low flying scenic flights to the Yasawa island resorts from Nadi, but is also available for day trips. If you are staying in the south of the Yasawa islands, and want to take a swim in the Sawa-i-lau caves in the north of the islands, we can take you there. Wherever you want to be in Fiji on your customized south Pacific holiday, Turtle Airways can help you get there. Give us a call when you are ready to plan your trip!