Technology is taking over. Have you flown anywhere recently? It seems you can satisfy your wanderlust without interacting with people. You can book your flight from your computer, check in from your phone, check your bags and print your boarding pass from a kiosk… Pretty soon the flight attendants will be replaced with robots.

I remember when taking a trip was about interacting with people. Meeting people from other places, experiencing other cultures, seeing the world from other peoples eyes. Isn’t that why we travel?

If you think interacting with people is the key to an amazing adventure, then maybe you should plan a trip to Fiji. Here is why we think Fiji is the ultimate place to experience other cultures.

Everyone is Friendly

Fijians were recently ranked the happiest people in the world with 95% of the population saying they were happy or very happy. If you lived in a tropical south pacific paradise you would probably be happier too. If you want a great vacation in Fiji, then after you land in Nadi, take the complimentary bus ride over to Turtle Airways where you will be treated by real people! There you can rest in comfort for the short wait until your seaplane trip out to the Yasawa Islands. The cozy seaplane will have you in direct contact with your pilot (who is usually pretty happy as well). After experiencing an amazing low flying scenic flight to your resort, Turtle Airways will bring you to the beach of your vacation destination! What can be a happier place then being on the beach in Fiji?

You Can Rent Space in Communal Quarters

interacting with people in fijiMany of the Yasawa Islands “backpacker” resorts offer communal spaces for very low nightly rates. What better way to get to experience different cultures then to share a large barre with fellow travelers from a different part of the world? You are sure to become fast friends as you experience the beauty of Fiji together.

Of course if you prefer to not sleep in the same room as strangers most resorts also offer private villas for a slightly higher price. You will still have the opportunity to spend days on the beach with your fellow vacationers, but you will also get a little privacy at night.

You Can Visit Authentic Fijian Villages

Most of the resorts that dot the Yasawa Island Group are owned and/or operated by local villagers, and planned with the sustainability of the local villages in mind. As a result, your resort can usually plan a trip for you to visit one of the local villages and even take part in an authentic Fijian Kava ceremony. A Fijian village visit is an amazing way to experience the culture of Fiji, and see people living in a way that hasn’t changed much in thousands of years. It is truly an amazing opportunity for interacting with people from a different, and unique culture.

So book yourself a trip to Fiji and let your wanderlust bring you to a place where you can have a cultural experience. There are resorts for every style of travel and budget in the Yasawa island group, and Turtle Airways can take you to most of them. We look forward to visiting with you when you arrive.