What more noble goal can you have for your vacation then to have fun and educate yourself. In Fiji, this is easily accomplished. This isolated South Pacific Island Nation has been inhabited by people for thousands of years, but Westerners just started arriving in the 1800’s. The Yasawa Islands in North Western Fiji were off limits to land based tourism until 1987 giving the area a truly natural feel that you just can’t find anywhere else.

educate yourself in FijiBiodiversity

As with many South Pacific islands, much of Fiji was formed by volcanic activity. The first plants to arrive in Fiji floated across the sea, or their seeds where carried in violent storms. Once plants took root, they adapted to the specific environment they found themselves in and began to thrive. Then insects, lizards and other animals began to arrive floating in on debris knocked loose by storms from other parts of the South Pacific. These animals also adapted to Fiji. Now, there are many unique plants and animals living in Fiji that you can see here and nowhere else.

Cultural Enrichment

When people finally arrived in Fiji a few thousand years ago, the created a vibrant and unique culture that is still alive and well on many of the islands of Fiji. The Yasawa islands are dotted with authentic Fijian villages that todays “students”, eager to educate themselves on the cultural history of Fiji, can visit. While there, you can take part in a traditional Kava ceremony, or witness an authentic fire walking ritual. But don’t worry, the native Fijians did give up cannibalism, so will be perfectly safe. In fact, Fijians are considered to be the happiest people on earth, so maybe you can also learn their secret to happiness.

Amazing History

Fijians have an amazing history that was passed down orally over the generations. Some Fijian believe that a great warrior chief named Lutunasobasoba lost the Katonimana (or Box of Blessings) in the waters of Fiji where it is still protected by giant clams todays. As a result, Chief Lutunasobasoba decided to stop in Fiji and start a village. Many Fijians believe this is how people first arrived on the islands.

The islands were first discovered by Europeans in the 1700’s and saw visitors like Captain Cook, and even William Bligh came through Fiji after there was a mutiny on his ship The Bounty.

So not only is there an amazing history in Fiji of the Fijian people, but the islands are also steeped in European history making this an incredible place to visit for anyone wishing to educate themselves.

Budget Accommodations

Although a flight to Fiji may be expensive, from time to time you can find pretty good deals. And once you arrive in Fiji, there are places for every budget. Fiji’s Yasawa islands are known for having “backpacker” resorts that have dorm style accommodations for exceptionally low rates.Even an amazingly scenic flight on a seaplane from Nadi out to the Yasawa islands is relatively inexpensive. So if you want to have fun and educate yourself in Fiji, then don’t hesitate. It will be well worth the trip!