Turtle-Airways-Seaplane-BeachWhen you arrive in Fiji, what is the first thing you want to do?

  1. Check in so you can hit the beach
  2. Throw your stuff in your room and go grab a rum drink
  3. Do something about those pasty legs of yours and work on that tan
  4. Spend Hours on a boat headed to your Fiji Island Resort

If you said all of the above – except D, well then, you need a seaplane charter!

Many times, people are so anxious to get their vacation started they think a short boat ride will get them there fast! That’s not always the case. Consider these top reasons a boat ride isn’t always the best way to get to the resort:


  • The water and waves could be choppy (Tied for #1 answer)
  • The boat may have to refuel
  • The boat can sometimes stink (Unless you don’t mind breathing in those exhaust fumes)
  • They may have to find the captain who’s gone on break (This is the #1 answer)
  • They may need to check the manifest and wait for more people ($$$)

There are many other reasons that your ‘short ride’ has now turned into you checking the pier for other passengers so you can finally get off that dock and get your well-anticipated vacation started.


  • Fiji-air-toursFaster service: Planes are usually already fueled and ready to take off. There’s no need to wait on other passengers or for other flights that haven’t landed yet
  • A tour guide: Your pilot or a co-pilot can serve as a tour guide and point out various spots on the island you want to check out
  • A panoramic view: Not only will you see the island in its entirety, you may see dolphins, sea turtles, and other aquatic animals. You may also see activities you want to take part in or hear about such as scuba diving, jet ski rentals, parasailing and other activities
  • Avoiding Motion Sickness: For travelers anxious to start their vacations, you may not be ready for the boat rocking due to waves from other boats in the water. This can cause sea sickness and have you feeling nauseous. That’s no way to start a vacation!
  • Direct Access: Sometimes boat charters will make multiple stops that they may not tell you about if there are hotels on the line-up ahead of yours. A plane ride will take you straight there!

That’s why when you’re ready, contact Turtle Airways. The only turtle here is in the name.

About Turtle Airways: Turtle Airways offers hourly flights from their home base location to all island resorts including:

  • ManaIsland Resort
  • TadraiIsland Resort
  • CastawayIsland Resort
  • Wadigi Resort
  • Likuliku Lagoon Resort
  • MaloloIsland Resort
  • TropicaIsland Resort
  • MusketCoveIsland Resort
  • PlantationIsland Resort

Turtle Airways is a 15-20 minute scenic drive from Nadi Airport to their home base. You can take a taxi straight there for $8 to $12 AUD. Keep in mind, you would have to take a taxi to the pier for about the same rate, time and