Many people plan an ultimate trip to the south pacific yet don’t put to much effort into what Fiji hotels they want to stay at. They figure that they are going to spend most of their time at the beach anyway, so the hotel doesn’t matter. But let me tell you, choosing the right Fiji hotel can be the difference between an incredible vacation and an incredibly disappointing vacation.

Fiji hotelsFiji Hotels For Every Budget

In the north west of Fiji is the Yasawa Island Chain. Here, many of the Fiji hotels are known as “Backpacker Resorts”. This is because they are very inexpensive, yet still have amenities you would expect at a big expensive resorts. Many of these backpacker resorts have everything from dorm style buildings where you can get a bed for a very cheap price, all the way up to private beachfront cottages that cost a bit more. There are also luxury resorts in the Yasawa that cater to higher end travelers. Some of these resorts are adult only, and some have a private beach for every couple staying at the resort. So you can see that whether you are on a family vacation, or on your honeymoon, where you choose to stay can make a big difference in the experience you receive.

Fiji Hotels For Every Experience

And speaking of the experience you receive in Fiji, you really need to decide on what type of vacation you are having before you book your Fiji hotel. Some Yasawa resorts have a more party atmosphere, and some have a more romantic vibe. In addition, the type of activities you want to partake in can determine where you should stay. If you love snorkeling, scuba diving, and seeing amazing sea life, then you might want to stay at Mantaray Bay and swim with the Manta rays. If you are looking for a luxurious, worry free, all inclusive vacation on some of the most romantic (and private) beaches in Fiji, then you should try Turtle Island. Are you looking for a family friendly resort? A party resort? Hiking? Horseback riding? Not all Fiji hotels have everything, but everything is represented at one or another.

Better then a Fiji HotelGetting to Your Fiji Hotel

One thing you will notice about the resorts in the Yasawa islands, is that the island chain is about 50 miles from Nadi. Depending on what resort you have chosen to stay at this can be a 4 or 5 hour trip by boat (and the boat only leaves Nadi once per day). So unless you want to waste a lot of your vacation waiting for the boat, we suggest you look into Turtle Airways seaplane transfers to all the resorts in Yasawa. Our seaplanes can get you from Nadi to the Yasawa Island Chain in about 30 minutes, and depending on the resort you are traveling to, can drop you right on the beach of your holiday destination.

So if you are looking for a Fiji hotel for your vacation destination, then choose wisely, and choose Turtle Airways to get you there!