octopus resort seaplaneWhere to Go on Vacation

There are so many vacation destinations to choose from, it can be a difficult choice. However, on the Yasawa Islands, everything is easy.

The Yasawa Islands have a lot to offer anyone looking for a fun and relaxing get-a-way.  This location is famous for its beauty and visitor accommodations. Although opened to tourists in 1987, it is still a widely under-commercialized area, leaving visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings.

The Yasawa Difference

On Yasawa Island, there aren’t any casinos, skyscrapers or tons of traffic to maneuver through. The island is still largely undeveloped for commercial use. With its secluded location and natural surroundings, visiting Yasawa is like taking a step back in time.

The amenities offered to guests here are friendly and real, not commercialized and plastic. These are accommodations  that can provide a family-friendly vacation or a destination for friends that enjoy great outdoor activities. The services provided to Yasawa visitors are so versatile, they can include amenities for weddings or romantic weekends, as well as. This is a place where you will want to leave your smartphone or tablet behind.

Yasawa Island Activities

Seaplane-6When you are considering where to go on vacation, you have to take into account the needs of everyone that is going with you. Do they like outdoor activities? Do they like small group settings? No one is ever bored on Yasawa. There is something for everyone, even the couch potatoes.

Yasawa provides great group activities like the Kila Eco Adventure Park. This park has a zipline service known to be the longest zipline around. It also has a giant swing that is popular with all the guests. This is a family-friendly park that couples and newlyweds can enjoy, as well.

For those that enjoy sports and outdoor recreation, Yasawa Island is a mecca of trails and peaks. This is refreshing, invigorating life in the outdoors, not plastic handgrips nailed to a wall in an indoor facility. Yasawa Island is home to Dawasamu’s Tova Peak, the place that challenges even the most experienced hikers.

The clean blue waters surrounding the island have created the scuba diver’s paradise. The island offers the Suba Bula Resort, a five-star diving resort where experienced divers can come to enjoy their aquatic environment. Newcomers to diving can also stay at the resort and learn about diving in a DAN training facility.

Yasawa’s Special Touch

Yasawa Island’s private accommodations, natural beauty and romantic atmosphere make it the best place for a wedding or honeymoon. Professional wedding planners are waiting for you there, if you decide to make your partnership permanent. The Impulse Fiji agency can help you with every detail, planning the entire wedding or just helping with last minute details. If you are visiting Yasawa Islands on a honeymoon or to get married, the island can help make your visit even more special with professional wedding photographers, so no minute is lost.

To get to the island, you can leave the mainland behind and travel by boat or seaplane. Step onto the shores of an exotic location and leave the world behind. Yasawa Island has everything you need for a relaxing and amazing vacation.  When you are faced with the question of where to go on vacation, Yasawa Island is the obvious choice.