scenic-fijian-flightsThe Fiji Islands are at the top of the heap of island paradises that feature natural beauty to the extreme.  You can immerse yourself in the sandy opulent beaches, or take in foothills of the Nadi Wolloaloa Waters that feature over a thousand beautiful orchids. Not to mention the fun-filled activities that happen at several resorts located throughout the Fiji Islands.

But the fact of the matter is that while you are on your vacation there is so much to see and experience, but so little time to get it accomplished. The islands are spread over 500,000 square miles of the Southern Pacific Ocean. Unless your trip will be confined to a limited spectrum of all the scenic beauty, traveling from spot to spot could become a major problem. Boat travel is available but it can be slow and tedious.  Flights are available from the Nadi International Airport, but not at a timely ongoing basis.

The quickest and most affordable way to travel throughout the  Fiji Islands is by seaplane. To navigate Fiji by seaplane with extreme confidence, travel on Turtle Airways. They have been in business for over thirty years. They have perfected moving passengers  safely throughout Fiji with speed and in maximum comfort, to all the popular Fiji Resorts.

The home of Turtle Airways is located on Wailoaloa Beach, which is only a short fifteen to twenty minute drive from Nadi International Airport. From there the airways   to resort transfer service is available for passengers to all islands within the Fiji Islands family. Hourly flights deliver vacationers to the Southern Mamanuca Islands all the way to the Northern Yasawa Islands, and all points in between. Flights to the Mamanuca Islands are a mere fifteen minutes. The Yasawa Islands can be reached in twenty-five to thirty-five minutes . Some flights put you on the beach near your popular Fiji resort. Others require a short scenic boat ride.

Seaplane-29When it comes to the Mananuca Islands, a myth surrounding a magical box lost from a giant war canoe is the origin of its name. The chief warrior named the islands Matamanda, (eye of the strong wind). These beautiful three islands were the locations of the movie Cast Aways, and the TV series Survivor Fiji. A wide array of activities are right there for tourists. Parasailing, windsurfing, dolphin-watching surfing, and diving are just a few.

A favorite Mamanuca resort is the Plantation Island Resort. Typical of Fiji, it is an island paradise blanketed with white sandy beaches and a crystal clear lagoon. It originally was the home of a copra plantation. It strives to accommodate couples, families, and young adults alike. Kids can takes part in the Coconut Kids Club that features fish feeding, sandcastle building, and Fijian cultural activities. Adults can keep busy in a myriad of ways. Land lovers can take part in traditional cooking classes, frog and crab races. Golfers can enjoy the plantation’s nine hole course. Sea going lovers may want to indulge in banana boat rides, and parasailing. Big game fishing is there to enjoy. Explore the wonders of the sea via PADI scuba diving.

Turtle Airways will get you to the the Plantation Island Resort in fifteen minutes. In fact, they will get you anywhere in the Fiji Islands in a safe and timely manner. The only seaplane service you will need in Fiji is Turtle Airways.