turtle-airways-fiji-seaplaneDo you want to have the best Fiji adventure (the best travel destination to any beach bum)? Of course, you do! Well then, strap up and let’s go! Do you want to have the best vacation; an adventure you can remember? Let this Fiji adventure begin the second you step foot on the seaplane, not any other means.

A Brief Description of The Seaplane

Seaplanes come in varieties; flying boats, landing on water just as they can on land. A seaplane gives you the chance to get the best of your trip by combining a boat ride fun with being airborne, to have access to the best islands in Fiji. Turtle Airways allows you the opportunity to have this and a lot more at lower rates.

A Perfect Close View of the Volcanic Islands

You can organize for flights to the Yasawa Islands, which boasts of the best beaches, during your Fiji adventure, all the while having a view of the picturesque sequence of these volcanic islands.

How Convenient Is Using A Seaplane To Get To My Destinations?

As opposed to other means, a seaplane will reduce your travel time making it very convenient to use. While moving to your destination, a seaplane will allow you the opportunity to view forests and jungles at very low heights. This will give you the chance to have a closer view of the natural surrounding as well as the wildlife in their natural habitats. Seaplanes can give you the best sceneries during your Fiji adventure because they are exclusively designed to be able to explore very rarely navigable places inaccessible by other means.

Additionally, you have the chance to be given a first-hand exploratory tour where you are taken through a pre-flight interaction with your pilot to go through. In a nutshell, a number of areas that may be interesting to you this way planning the suitable route to use just so that you enjoy access to these special realms.

Why Opt For Turtle Airways?

seaplane-fiji-adventureAside from being guaranteed the best flight services to and from the island of your choice, Turtle Airways will also guarantee you pocket-friendly charter rates, convenience and ease of use.
From the Nadi International Airport, you have some options to choose from since Turtle Airways has a variety of reserved resorts where you get the best to complete your Fiji adventure.
Additionally, with Turtle Airways, you are assured of security even if you are just a visiting tourist on vacation. They will organize for taxis to pick you from wherever resort you are in the islands.

Should I talk about the facilities? They are first class! Top notch! Turtle Airways boast of providing you with the best facilities; from the waiting lounge to the bathroom. On top of all this V.I.P treatment, you get a free pass to access WI-FI located on the beaches within restaurants.

Thinking Of Having the Best Fiji Adventure?

Of course you want to have the best vacation, so why not opt for the best? A low flying scenic transfer will make your vacation a remarkable one. Aside from visiting the best resorts along the beaches, you have the privilege of following routes that give you a very close view of the forests and wild animals along the way during your transfer.