how-to-fiji-resort-hopThe tropical islands of Fiji are calling to be explored. The variety of accommodations offers a chance to give everyone the ideal adventure while hopping around the beautiful tropical islands. As a traveler, you can stay in one of the five star Fiji resorts or backpack to different hostels. With over 300 islands in the heart of the South Pacific, the Fiji trip will be a lasting memory for any occasion including weddings, honeymoons or the ultimate family vacation.

Activities for Everyone

Planning the ultimate Fiji vacation will depend on the activities you or your family would like to participate in as part of the dream trip.

  • Pick from one of the 16 ziplines which run along the tropical island tree line. Your adventurous side will appreciate the scenic view of the mountains, tropical forests and beautiful waters. You will look back on the adventurous zipline activity with fond memories of nervousness and excitement. Finally, triumph of having completing the activity in high flying style.
  • To further your adventurous side, go on a shark dive. The beautiful waters, soft coral are perfect for snorkeling. Based at the Lagoon Resort in Pacific Harbour, the experienced divers will aid all guests in snorkeling needs.
  • Fishing and day cruises are available to explore the Fiji Islands.
  • Participate in a mystery flight where you and your partner will be flown to a surprise location. By keeping the destination a secret, the seaplane will add to the adventure. Viewing the islands from above will be as memorable as exploring them. The use of seaplanes allows you to explore further around the islands in a shorter amount of time.

The choices to explore your adventurous side are almost unlimited while you are on your dream vacation. Take kite surf lessons, snorkeling, mountain bike, and discover the beauty of the numerous tropical islands.


Perhaps, being adventurous is not your ideal of a dream vacation. The demands of work and home life need to be swept away with days and nights of rest and relaxation. The Fiji islands provide numerous ways to revive your stressful spirit.

  • Take in the scenic walk of the tropical islands with the mountains as a stunning backdrop. The sun setting over the beautiful lagoons will remind you of something out of a Hollywood movie. Enjoy the glorious moment with the one you love as you sip champagne to bring in the star filled night.
  • Visit one of the Pure Fiji Spas to participate in a relaxing natural treatment. Experience a coconut milk soak, fully body wrap, relaxing facials, pedicures and manicures. Everything needed to forget your worries while on vacation, leaving you refreshed and revived.
  • Go watch the dolphins near Moon reef. Watching these spectacular animals will take your breath away.
  • The warm reefs will be inviting to take a relaxing swim.

resort-hop-in-style-how-to-fijiBeyond the relaxing spas and scenic views, take in day tours to learn about the island culture. Go from island to island in a seaplane to allow for more time to participate in relaxing activities.

Whether you chose to scuba dive, zipline, go horseback riding, seek out adventure or just spend the days relaxing, the Fiji Islands will offer the ultimate dream vacation. The memories of exploring the islands will always be remembered with a smile.