Getting Around Fiji

Getting around Fiji is easy in a Seaplane! If you don’t have one of your own, Call Turtle Airways for any of your sightseeing, island hopping needs!

Experience the thrill of seeing the islands of Fiji from the top and take in the breathtaking views of this stunning place continually dubbed as paradise. It’s an awe-inspiring moment and Turtle Airways can take you there.

Turtle Airways offers a wide array of services within the regions of Mamanuca and Yasawa, including island sightseeing tours, seaplane transfers to various resorts and private charter trips for individual or small groups. We have a commitment to exceptional customer service and safety, so our guests can relax and focus on the scenic view of Fiji.

Imagine as you glide and cruise along the crystal clear waters and then soar up in the sky – it’s a thrilling feeling. Once you come down and land on the water, you’ll feel a sense of excitement to explore and experience another island.

From using our services, you are guaranteed panoramic views of the most beautiful islands you would have the pleasure of witnessing. Enjoy our reliable and convenient flights and check out some of the packages that we offer:

Romantic Island Sightseeing Tour

There’s no doubt about it, Fiji is stunning from the ground with its shimmering, emerald green waters, nature and its greenery as its backdrop, and the ever hospitable welcome of Fijians. The place is a tropical haven for those seeking relaxation or a romantic getaway. But add the experience of flight with your significant other and the trip exudes more romance. Nothing gets you closer than the feeling that you’re both experiencing something extraordinary and witnessing exceptional beauty.

Our island sightseeing tour lasts for half an hour, departing from your chosen island and arriving in your chosen destination. In this tour, you will have ample time to see the rich, aquatic life below and the lush tropical islands that make up Fiji. Give us a call or fill out the inquiry form to receive more information.

Seaplane Transfers to Resorts in Fiji

If all you need is transportation to relocate to another island, we make it easy for you to transfer to and from another resort.  We have daily flights to take you safely, efficiently and on-time.

While you’re up in the air, watch out for dolphins, turtles and other wildlife in the Fijian waters below. Our spectacular views will keep you coming back for more.

Charter Flights

coral-island-fiji-seaplaneWe also provide private charters if you need transportation for an individual or a group of people (up to 6 passengers). Experiencing the ride as it glides through the water and soaring up in the sky is comparable to flying on your own. The freedom of choosing when you want to fly for your convenience is something we offer.

Our charter flights will take you to where you need to go. We offer our services to fit your schedule, so come soar and fly with us! Nothing compares to the panoramic views of Fiji.

Flight Questions and Inquiries

If you have a specific trip in mind, inquire and let us know how we can help you. Our caring and knowledgeable Turtle Airways team will assist you with reservations, inquiries and suggest scenic routes to places you have never seen. Relax and enjoy your stay, we can do all the work of transporting you to where you need to go. So come, contact us and witness Fiji with a bird’s eye view!