Likuliku_-Overwater_aerialLikuliku means “calm lagoons or waters” – and it’s the perfect phrase to describe the resort and surrounding areas. Likuliku Resort is the perfect place for honeymoons, romantic getaways, or a place to for you and your loved one to simply submerge in the local culture and enjoy the amenities of Likuliku. With more than 45 guestrooms, full-service spa, and everything that you ever need from a romantic vacation, Likuliku Resort is noted for its loyal, repeat visitors. One of the more positive aspects of Fiji, is its warm weather, highlighting the benefits of private beaches. According to your accommodations, you will have access to private beaches and services that will be tailored just for you.

Likuliku Resort is one of the few Fijian resorts that gives its guests access to overwater bungalows. With an overwater bungalow, marine life is just a glance away, outside of your window. Likuliku Resort is all about smart dining, sourcing their products from the locals, making for delicious fish, prawn, lobster, and crayfish dishes. After enjoying the dishes from the resort, you can book a snorkeling session, jet skiing excursion, or jungle walks around Fiji’s natural habitats.

Transportation in Fiji is unique. Since Likuliku Resort is in the Mamanuca Island chain, it is many miles of shore of where the nearest international flights can land in Nadi. You can take a boat out to the Mamanuca’s, but for a faster, more breathtaking trip, you can take a seaplane. Fiji is an archipelago that consists of more than 330 individual islands, most that are only accessible via boat or seaplane. A seaplane will allow you to have untethered access to the natural wonders of Fiji. In the air, you will be able to view the intricate colors of the sea and reefs and access plots of land that may otherwise be inaccessible. One of the benefits of seaplanes is that the vast ocean is your parking lot. Turtle Airways offers regularly scheduled transfers from Nadi to Likuliku resort, as well as scenic flights, day trips and custom charters anywhere in the Mamanuca, and Yasawa Island chains

flying-to-honeymoon-resorts-in-fijiFijian culture tends to be very gracious and welcoming – with many visitors noting it as one of the most lovely aspects of staying in Fiji. You will have direct access to the cordial nature of the Fijian culture, since Likuliku Lagoon resort is family owned. Likuliku Resort has unique architectural designs that are traditional, making for a resort that is very accommodating to couples, but still gives its visitors a sense of the Fijian way of life.

Likuliku is regularly placed in one of the top 10 most romantic islands in the world. It’s hospitality is unparallel, with Likuliku named best accommodation in the annual AON Tourism Awards for Excellence. Likuliku wasn’t so beautiful a long time ago – it used to be an island born out of lava and sand. Overtime, turquoise lagoons and the beautiful scenery has allowed Likuliku and Fiji as a whole to bring about 1.1 billion tourism dollars to the island and communities of Fiji. Likuliku is the luxury vacation for you and your loved one, giving you the perfect chance to relax and rejuvenate.