fiji-day-tripsClustered in the South of the Pacific Ocean are the islands of Fiji, a habitat of the best beaches in the globe. The Fiji islands are a combined set of islands that make up the island nation.

Guests to Fiji Islands are certain to have a very unforgettable trip when they tour Fiji islands and its beaches. Turtle Airways will fly you to places that others only fantasize off. Whether you need a Day Trip, Resort Transfer, a Scenic Flight or a get away from today’s hectic world, Turtle Airways is the ideal company for you.

Day trips for exploring Fiji’s Islands

You must tour the splendid Yasawa and the Mamanuca Islands take a day trip with one of the seaplanes and enjoy. At Turtle Airways, we operate off 2 to 6 flights per day and Island Resort transfers for guests to visit places that many tourists leave without having set foot there. Our seaplanes are dependable and fly throughout Fiji’s Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands.

There are lots of things to see and do during your Fiji vacation, and if you get to tour Fiji, you are sure to have the time of your life in this magical place. Turtle Airways will proffer you one of the best day trips only call us to arrange your tour. We guarantee you that you will get the best of services, and all you need to do is to sit back and enjoy your retreat with your love.

The Turtle Airways seaplanes will transfer you from your island resort and take you for scenic Fiji day trips and land you back right in front of the Resort or vice versa (say no more to rough roads, taxis, buses and boats). On Turtle Airways seaplanes, you will pass over very magnificent islands and reefs that you will never want to depart from this South Pacific heaven.

Seaplane comfort and safety

scenic-fiji-day-tripsTurtle Airways has been flying for over the last 30 years and we will proffer you the best Fiji experience since we have perfected our route by safely carrying our passengers. Turtle Airways has maintained a flawless safety record for all those years. Our flights are air-conditioned to offer a very relaxed travel experience for our clients. This is travel with utmost reassurance and delight.

Our company continues its idea to be an facilitator of new and unforgettable holiday experiences by offering that fast and stress-free air transportation to some of Fiji’s most beautiful and less-toured destinations. We hold fast to strict safety standards in all our flights.

Why is Turtle Airways the best seaplane company for your day trip?

Our flexible timetable and tailor-made flight services have pooled to provide Fiji’s islands with efficient and expedient transportation to a multiplicity of destinations.

Our invigorating and exploratory Fiji day trips are awaiting you. We have some of the best packages for our passengers. With a brand new and energetic approach to business, our focal point is on delivering best-in-class service by proffering you a lovely and uplifting Fiji day trips.

With its exotic beauty and serenity, Fiji has captured the hearts of many a tourist. With tropical waters and volcanic mountains, Fiji is the perfect destination for those who are searching for a holiday punctuated with exotic adventures and incredible beauty.