extra-night-on-your-fijian-vacationDid you know the average family vacation only lasts three to five days at the most? Perhaps this is why so many island vacations seem as if they are over before the fun is hardly underway. When you focus on your responsibilities 360 days per year, shouldn’t you be able to fully enjoy every minute of your next Fiji vacation?

Enjoy an Extra Night on your Fiji Vacation

With the assistance of Turtle Airways and their amphibious seaplanes, you will get the most out of your Fiji vacation, without spending more money on transportation costs. When you compare seaplane with other modes of transportation such as boats, you will find several reasons to choose Turtle Airways.

#1 – More Time for Fun when Traveling by Seaplane

Traveling by seaplane will allow you to endure shorter travel times, not only because you get to skip those unfriendly water conditions that you would normally be subjected to by boat, but also because there is no waiting for more passengers to board. Consider the intimacy that a seaplane can offer you as you embark on your island resort vacation.

#2 – Enjoy Smoother Sailing in a Seaplane

Many times, sailing to your destination by boat can leave you feeling a bit ‘abused’ due to torrid water and choppy waves that can thrust you about. The seaplanes at Turtle Airways offer a much smoother traveling experience, and your pilot won’t disappear on break like a boat captain often will. Also, your plane will not need to refuel, wasting valuable vacation time.

fijian-vacation-by-seaplane#3 – Be the First to Arrive on the Beach

You will also enjoy the convenience of landing on the waterfront, which is significantly closer to your resort lodging accommodations. This means you can toss your luggage in the room and will already have your toes in the sand while other travelers are still en route. Work on that tan and enjoy the added time on your Fiji vacation when you choose a seaplane with Turtle Airways.

#4 – Enjoy an Aerial View of Fiji that Few People will See

Travelling by boat means enjoying a spansive view of water …lots and lots of water. Sounds fun until you are on your way and anticipation builds. By then, this view will become more than a little boring. When you choose Turtle Airways, you will see an amazing aerial view of the water but you will also enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the tropical island of the Fiji coastline and surrounding vegetation.

#5 – Enjoy a Personal Tour Guide with Turtle Airways

The captain of a boat is full of knowledge as well as numerous interesting stories but it is not likely that you will ever meet him, much less have an indepth conversation. However, your seaplane captain will be directly in front of you, offering a plethora of information about the area, making your travel experience much like a guided tour.

When you enjoy the time spent traveling to and from your destination, you have actually extended the length of your vacation in Fiji.