Tokoriki Island Resort SeaplaneThe Fiji Islands can’t be beat  when it comes to multi-faceted, breath taking island paradises. There’s so much to do. You can scuba dive and take in the under sea wonders in this land of tropics, or go deep sea fishing. Land activities are plentiful.  Also, many tourist friendly activities are offered by the many resort facilities and hotels.

Tourists land in Nadi Fiji at the Nadi International Airport. Its location is near the Southern tip of the islands.  However, since the total scope of the islands encompass 550,000 square miles, travel time throughout Fiji can be a problem. To travel from Nadi to the Northern based Yasawa Islands by boat will take a tedious six hours.

Seaplane is a travel mode that is much more pleasant and less time consuming. Seaplanes are powered fix-wing aircrafts  that can take off and land on water. They are motor powered watercrafts that use hydrofoils to levitate their hulls as they speed across the water.

Turtle Airways is the top seaplane service in the Fiji Islands. Their home base is conveniently located near Nadi International Airport. By car it is only a fifteen minute drive from there to the Turtle Airways terminal, which has a newly renovated waiting lounge, bathroom shower, and offers free Wi-fi service.

On a regular basis, Turtle Airways can transport tourists from Nadi Fiji to the  Yasawa Islands in 25 to 35 minutes.

The identity of the Fiji Yasawa Islands is that they are graced with a more natural display of beauty, and are less commercialized than other sectors of the islands. For those seeking a break from the rigors and pressures of civilization, the Yasawa Islands are the place to be. For the rugged and adventurous it features a range of backpacker resorts.

fiji seaplane coral islandIn 1789, British navigator William Bligh was the first  European to land in the Yasawas. This was following the infamous Mutiny on the Bounty, which has been depicted in several movies starring the likes of Marlon Brando, Anthony Hopkins, and Mel Gibson.

The Yasawas came late to the tourism trade. Tourists weren’t allowed to set foot in the islands until 1987.

A popular resort in the Yasawa Islands is the Octopus Resort. It features the world famous Likulika Bay beach, known for golden sand. It is perfect for lounging in nothingness, or taking leisurely walks through  the natural paradise. It can be a great place to just chill out and relax. It is also perfect immersing yourself in the culture of Fiji.

Accommodations offer a exciting mixture. From high end air conditioned  beach side villas to the more affordable cozy dorms. Either way you’ll be living it up on an island paradise. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Island hopping tours are a favorite activity at the Octopus. Two tours are available to thrill you. An island based boat, the Nalauwaki Flyer, will take you on a day long exploration of the villages on Waya Island. It’s an opportunity to envelop Fijian native culture, and get up close and personal with true Fijian hospitality. The second allows you to experience the the dazzling island of Naukacuva, where you can swim with the Manta Ray’s when in season.

If you have to travel to the Northern Yasawa Islands of Fiji, Turtle Airways is your only choice for seaplane transport.