Things to See and Do in Fiji

Fiji-From-The-AirIf you are planning to use some of your Fijian vacation for sightseeing, you are in for a treat. The island country of Fiji possesses more than its fair share of attractions, which combine with its warm and welcoming attitude to ensure an endless stream of visitors ready to be enchanted and entranced. Best of all, the sheer range of things to do and see in Fiji means that there is sure to be something for everyone.

Here are 5 of the must-do and must-see opportunities that can be found in the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands:


While most people focus on Fiji’s beaches and the surrounding waters, there is also much to do and see in the interior of Fiji’s islands. This is particularly true of the Yasawa Islands, which are much less commercialized than most of their counterparts. Something that makes them particularly well-suited to visitors who want to explore Fiji’s beautiful wilderness at their own preferred pace.

Fijian Village

fijian-villageVisiting other countries is a good chance to get to know their inhabitants. As a result, if you are visiting Fiji, you should take the chance to visit one of the local Fijian villages. There, you will have the chance to learn more about Fijian culture by interacting with Fijians, which is also the most authentic methods out of the options out there.

Dive with Sharks

The waters between the Mamanuca Islands and the Yasawa Islands are home to a number of coral reefs that make excellent choices of those interested in either diving or snorkeling. Unlike all too many of their counterparts in the rest of the world, Fijian corals are alive and well, resulting in a brilliant array of coral that combine with their multitudes of rare and exotic species to create an unforgettable sight. In particular, more advantageous visitors might be interested in seeing the sharks.

Swim with Manta Rays

Possessing a peculiar profile as well as an unmistakable method of locomotion, the manta ray is one of the most famous species that can be found swimming in the waters off of the Fijian coast. Between the months of May and October, manta rays migrate through select locations in the region, which provides visitors with the chance to see them up close and in person.

Sawa-i-lau Caves

sawa-i-lau-cavesConcealed beneath one of the smaller Yasawa Islands, the Sawa-i-lau Caves combine a romantic location with breathtaking wonder, making it no coincidence that it is associated with a number of local legends. In modern times, visitors can head in on a boat to see the limestone formations up close and in person, while the bravest of their number can even swim through an underwater tunnel to visit a second, even more secretive cave.

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