fiji air travelTurtle Airways is a perfect choice for anyone vacationing in Fiji who wants a little bit more out of their vacation. We offer the extras that other airlines simply can’t provide. As a small airline, we are able to offer you personalized service, individual attention, and vacation experiences that are just not available to the main tourist crowds. Come join us for some amazing Fiji air adventures you will never forget.

One of our premier services is sightseeing tours of the Fiji Islands by air and by land. With our chartered seaplanes, you can tour the entire island chain from above, looking down on beautiful shores and luscious jungles from a vantage point that is usually only seen by the birds. We guarantee you’ve never seen Fiji like this before, and very few people get the opportunity to do so. It is an experience you will never forget.

We can also fly you to some of the most beautiful on-the-ground locations in Fiji with beachside landing service. You can then enjoy exploring on your own. For example, we can fly you to the very beach where the film Blue Lagoon, starring Brooke Shields, was filmed. The striking blue waters there are crystal clear and the sands are glistening white. It’s a private location where you can enjoy a day of peace and quiet among the tropical trees, listening to the ocean waves, letting the sea breeze cool your skin, and indulging in the wonders of one of the world’s true tropical paradise locations This tour comes with a lunch package, so you can enjoy a picnic right on the beach.

We are offering new scenic tours all the time, including mystery flights. On these flights, you won’t know your secret Fiji air tour destination until you get there, but we guarantee it will be something special that you will love. We take our guests to only the most private, secluded areas of Fiji, so you can enjoy your own unique vacation experience away from the tourist throng.

elite-fiji-vacationWe also offer charter flights for island transfers. We understand that our guests may want to spend their time in Fiji exploring several different islands, and not just staying on one. There is, after all, so much to explore in Fiji. We provide charter seaplane flights to different islands within the chain every other hour. This allows you to get to your next destination quickly and easily, any time you like.

Our charter island transfer service is like no other. You not only get a scenic tour of the islands as you move from one to the other, you also get to your new destination quickly and easily, allowing you more time to enjoy your vacation. It is a true island hopping experience, as you glide through the air over pristine ocean views, then come to a soothing and relaxing stop on top of the waters in front of your next island vacation locale. You’ll wade through the shallow waters along the shore to be greeted by the proprietors of your new resort. It’s almost like discovering a new island for yourself, and everything about your trip will be an adventure.

The next time you’re in Fiji and want to make your vacation a little bit more special, do not hesitate to call on Turtle Airways. We are here to give you the vacation experience you desire.