What do you hope to enjoy on your Fiji vacation? In addition to the stunning views, you’ll delight in delicious cuisine, numerous social activities and a fun itinerary filled with everything from lazy afternoons in front of the water to rousing water sports.

At Turtle Airways, we know your vacation gives you a chance to relax, unwind and reconnect with loved ones. We’re here to make your vacation as smooth and peaceful as possible. With our seaplane transfers, easily hop from the Nadi airport to your Fiji resort. We provide transportation back to the airport at the end of your vacation too. Instead of allowing transportation stress to ruin your good time, rely on us to assist you with professionalism and comfort.

Save Time

You could opt to travel by boat between the airport and your resort, but that mode of transport means you’ll spend hours on the sea. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time digging your toes in the sand, walking through the jungle or sipping cold cocktails? Then, schedule a seaplane transfer. Spend 30 short minutes in the air and arrive at your destination rested and ready to tackle the day. With the time you save, get to enjoying your vacation sooner!

Customize Your Schedule

Planning a vacation can be stressful as you wrap up projects at work, make arrangements for house sitting and decide what to pack. You shouldn’t have to worry about missing a transfer from the hotel to your resort. We offer up to six flights each day, which allows you to customize your travel schedule. You decide when you want to schedule your inbound or outbound flight, and then choose a transfer time. The entire process lets you be in charge of your schedule and gives you greater flexibility and control over your vacation.

Stay Healthy

Who wants to experience vacation seasickness? We know you don’t. That’s one thing you’ll appreciate about our seaplane transfers. Unlike boat transfers, our airplane provides you with a smooth ride and allows you to arrive at your vacation destination healthy and ready to enjoy the scenery and fun.

Enjoy the Views

ultimate-fiji-tourCrystal clear water, colorful sunsets and beautiful scenery await you in Fiji. Instead of waiting until you arrive at your resort to enjoy the incredible views, however, start enjoying them during your seaplane transfer. Marvel at the water, sand and sights from in the air as you scope out the best spots for sunbathing, fishing and relaxing.

Be Comfortable

Because you’re vacationing in one of the premier luxury destinations in the world, you deserve luxury accommodations as you wait for your transfer flight. Enjoy our newly renovated waiting lounge on the beach. It includes a bathroom, shower and vanity, plus free Wi-Fi, and you can satisfy your hunger at nearby hotel restaurants. When you wait in our Jetty, enjoy the charm of a Fijian Crafted Hut. From start to finish, your seaplane transfer offers enjoyable comfort.

Your Fiji vacation gives you the chance of a lifetime to enjoy spectacular scenery, welcoming hospitality and a fun itinerary. Whether you spend a few days or a few weeks on our islands, we know you’ll love it here. Let seaplane transfers from Turtle Airways make your trip even more peaceful and relaxing. We look forward to serving you.