Fiji Seaplane Tours

When the stress of the daily grind wears you down, escaping for a short vacation is a great way to relax. Periods of rest and rejuvenation are necessary for maintaining a productive work life. If you are trying to balance work and relaxation, turn to a year-round destination like Fiji. Travelers from around the globe have sought out Fiji vacations through the decades to regain peace of mind. No matter what kind of challenges you face, a trip to this majestic island will give you a chance to unwind. The trip to this tropical paradise isn’t complete until you’ve taken one of the Fiji seaplane tours.

Soaring The Skies

Adventure-seekers usually book tours immediately to get a chance to see Fiji from a new angle. However, these seaplane tours are also quite calming, especially when you choose a low flying tour of the islands. Some pilots circle the entire area to give you views of areas that are only accessible by air or by water. The planes land right on the water, making the entire tour safe and fun for the entire family.

The tours often begin in the Wailoaloa Waters. Open bays make it easy to get into the air, and circling above the water gives guests an unbelievable view of the colorful coral reefs beneath. This is a great way to see the sights without getting wet or strapping on heavy dive equipment.

Private Relaxation

Heading away from the crowds and public beaches is easy when you sign up for a lagoon hopping Fiji seaplane tour. Bring along your romantic partner for the date of a lifetime, or just kick back and enjoy your own private lunch as the plane stops in a rarely visited lagoon. Turquoise waters and white sand beaches will wash away your troubles and restore you to a peaceful state of mind in just a few hours.

If you’re a fan of Fiji, you likely already know about the Blue Lagoon movie filmed here in 1979. Starring Brooke Shields, it showcases the beauty of the real Blue Lagoon, and we bring you right to the beach for your own adventure on the island.

Explore New Areas

octopus resort seaplaneSticking just to the resorts limits how much of the island’s beauty you see, so head out for at least one tour during your Fiji vacations. You can head to new destination and make your own discoveries each time, even if you visit the island every year. Explore Turtle Island, a tropical paradise that remains relatively untouched to this day, without having to spend six hours on a boat just to reach the shores. You can be out among the waves in under an hour and back to your hotel again at the end of the day in time for dinner.

Even if you are battling snow or baking heat at home, Fiji is waiting to lull you to sleep on its beaches with mild tropical weather and plenty of sunshine. Plan your next Fiji vacation today and book your seaplane tours with Turtle Airways as early as possible. This frees up your time so you can relax as possible once you arrive.