Fiji VacationTaking a cultural Fiji vacation into the traditional villages in Fiji is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. From the warm elders ready to invite you over for food to the excited children thronging the streets, the Fiji villages are a sight to behold. One of the things the occupants hold dear is the rich culture that still lives on. To get a feel of being in Fiji, visit the remote villages on the outskirts of the resort. These will have opportunities for you to participate in adventures like kayaking and rafting. The best places to visit are Nadi and Kadavu, as they are not as commercialized and populated as other places in Fiji. To get the ultimate Fiji experience, it’s advisable to plan a sleepover in one of the Fiji homes. The families are friendly; therefore, there is no need of being accompanied by a guide.

Village Etiquette

To fully experience and learn about the history and cultural practices of Fijian people, here are some guidelines

  • Ensure to pack clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. Women can wear the Fijian sarong called sulu around the waist
  • Do not visit the village on Sunday as this is a religious day for the families
  • When you enter the village, ask for the Turanga ni koro who is the village headman. You must resent a gift (sevusevu) which should preferably be a yaqona. You can find this in the open air markets in powder or root form
  • You can also take balloons and balls for the kids to play with. Carry food if you are sleeping over.
  • Remove your shoes and stoop when entering their home. Make sure you sit cross-legged to make the occupants identify you as one of them.
  • During your welcoming ceremony, the chief will share the yaqona drink with you. It is polite to accept the offer as this is a sign of respect from the villagers.
  • You should not take photos during the yaqona ceremony. Any other time it’s acceptable.

Taking a cultural vacation trip is a good idea for you but could be hectic with the kids around. This becomes worse when the children do not necessarily understand the cultural aspect that you are exploring. Here are some highlights that can help you and your kids enjoy that vacation.

  • Involve them when planning the trip. You can make the trip fun my mapping out the country using pins and telling them fun facts about the area. This builds excitement for the trip.
  • Cook traditional foods together. You can take on cooking foods that are common to the Fijian people. This activity will give you time to explain the history to the kids. It will also make culture interesting for them ahead of the trip.

Getting Around On Your Fiji Vacation

When visiting the Fiji Islands, it is best to use seaplanes from one point to another as opposed to a boat. Turtle Airways offers seaplane services that will get you to your island of choice in less than half an hour. The planes also provide a beautiful view of the island. The kids will spend less time fusing, and more time learning about the culture of Fiji. Board our Turtle Airways seaplane and have a stress free Fiji vacation at the Fiji Islands.