Seaplane-TourNadi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Fiji. Visitors come to Nadi from United States, Australia and New Zealand. The Nadi international airport is the largest travel hub in Fiji. The Yasawa Island Resort is located at one of the unspoiled and remote islands in Fiji. The resort’s luxury bungalows are hidden among the palm trees. Tourists come to the Yasawa Island resorts to swim in the crystal clear water and enjoy the beachfront spa.

Your transportation options from Nadi to Yasawa Island Resort are very limited. You can take a catamaran trip to the Yasawa Islands. The trip will take more than 6 hours from Nadi to the resort island of Yasawa. Instead of taking a catamaran or a boat, you can choose the more comfortable and reliable option of seaplanes to reach the Yasawa Island. Turtle Airways is one of the fastest growing seaplane companies operated from Fiji. Turtle Airways offers several daily flights from Nadi to the Yasawa Island.

Turtle Airways offers a convenient and short flight from the Nadi international airport to Yasawa Island. The flight takes 30 minutes compared to 6 hours on a boat. The short flight is scenic, reliable and entertaining. Turtle Airways also offers several scenic flights and has been in operation for more than 30 years. You get to see some of the most breathtaking views on your trip from Nadi to Yasawa. You can stare at the wonders of nature from the comfort of your flight.

Getting Around FijiFlights depart every hour from Nadi to Yasawa Islands. This helps to cut down your layover time in Nadi. The frequent seaplane service allows you to spend more time at your island destinations. Turtle Airways serves many island resorts in Fiji, in addition to the Yasawa Island resorts. Flights start as early as 7AM local time. Flights are scheduled to transfer arriving passengers as quickly as possible to the Yasawa resorts.

Turtle Airways is located at Wailoaloa Beach, which is 15 minutes away from the Nadi airport. You can take taxi service to reach Turtle Airways. Turtle Airways routes serve nearly 8 resorts at Yasawa Island. Most resorts offer a boat service to pick you from the nearest drop off point. Turtle Airways facilities include renovated waiting lounges, bathroom, shower and free Wi-Fi.

Turtle Airways guarantees the lowest prices in island transfers. You can book a flight from the Turtle Airways website or calling the reservations line between 9AM and 5PM Fiji standard time. Turtle Airways operates its flights 7 days week. The flight from Nadi to Yasawa Island takes exactly 33 minutes. Turtle Airways seaplanes carry up to 6 passengers or a maximum load of 460 kilograms. Reservations are offered for a minimum of 2 passengers. Singe reservations are available on flights with extra spaces.

Turtle Airways allows baggage allowance depending on the weight and size of the bags. Turtle Airways offers transfers to other islands from Yasawa Island. You can work with a Turtle Airways agent to review and reserve the best flights.

You cannot go wrong with the most convenient, secure, safe and affordable seaplanes offered by Turtle Airways to travel from Nadi to the Yasawa Island. The seaplane trip from Nadi to Yasawa Island is one of the most memorable and scenic trips available to tourists visiting Fiji.