s it just me, or do the years keep getting shorter? Summer is winding to a close and fall will soon be here. It is time to start thinking about the holiday season. But fear not my friend, even if you live in the coldest of cold climates. Summer is just beginning in the Southern Hemisphere, and Fiji is ready to welcome you to a tropical holiday season you will never forget.

Summer In Fiji

Holiday Resorts In Fiji: Where To Have A Tropical Holiday SeasonWhen you travel south of the equator, the seasons reverse. So what is winter to the rest of you, is summer to us. Now in Fiji, there really isn’t much of a difference between summer and winter, but technically, our summer is the northern winter. December has an average high of 88 degrees Fahrenheit and July has an average high of 83 degrees Fahrenheit (That is 31.1 degrees in December and 28.3 degrees in July if you use Celsius).

As you can imagine, we don’t have much snow to go dashing through in Fiji, but you can lay out on the beach and sunbathe. We think that is the better option.

Special Holiday Activities

Many Fiji Resorts are offering special holiday activities. Some resorts that are usually “adult only” are offering “family time” where you can bring your children as well to celebrate the holidays in a tropical paradise with you.

Whether you are looking to rent a villa and bring your whole family, or a cozy bungalow for you and your spouse… or even you want to stay in a dorm style setting while trying to escape by yourself for the holidays, there is a resort for you that will have everything you need to make your holidays special.

getting to resorts in fijiA Holiday Like No Other

Imagine going snorkeling or SCUBA diving in the clear, calm lagoons of Fiji and seeing the vibrant coral reefs up close… in December. You could shock all your pale, bundled up friends by returning from your winter break with a stunning tan from laying out on the beach while everyone you know stays at home and shovels snow.

Fiji is the best place to escape from the cold weather hum-drums and remember what summertime fun is really about.

Getting To The Holiday Resorts In Fiji

Getting to Fiji is pretty easy these days. Most large airports have connecting service to Nadi International Airport. What you do from there depends on where the resort you decided to stay at is. Most people prefer to escape the big island and head out to one of the many amazing resorts on the Yasawa or Mamanuca islands. If you are going to one of these resorts, you can get there by boat or by plane.

We prefer the plane. A seaplane service, like Turtle Airways, can whisk you away from Nadi and take you on a low flying scenic adventure that brings you right to the beach of your resort. These flights take a fraction of the time that the boat takes, and occur far more frequently. So if time is important to you, and you want to get the most from your holiday in Fiji, call Turtle Airways to set up your resort transfer!