When the bitterly cold weather sets a record in your hometown, Holidays in Fiji start calling. Even though you might be tempted to shut yourself away from the freezing temperatures. You may even want to pull some blankets over your head. You could wrap your trembling fingers around a hot cup of your favorite beverage as you continually seek some comforting warmth. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer under the brutal near-zero temperatures. Somewhere in the southern hemisphere is all the warmth you can enjoy! Yes, Fiji is the ultimate paradise for a tropical getaway. Fiji is a tropical paradise where beautiful sunsets and white sand beaches are a fantastic reality all year long.

The Weather Is Great In Fiji

Holidays in FijiFiji boasts of more than 500 islets and 300 islands which can get you overwhelmed as you struggle to decide which island to visit first. Well, as you plan to have any holidays in Fiji, make Mamanuca Islands top of your list. They lie to the west of Nadi and comprise around 20 islands, 7 of which the Pacific Ocean covers up during the high tide. Mamanuca Islands pride themselves in their live coral reefs and clear waters which you can only appreciate by taking a close-up look and feel.

By taking a seaplane ride from the Nadi Airport, you will land in these magnificent islands within 10 minutes. The best thing about the seaplane ride is the affordable rates which start from $330 Fiji dollars per person, either to or from Nadi. With all the many activities you can do at Mamanuca Islands including windsurfing, hiking, and visiting villages, one day is not enough to take in the place has to offer. However, not to worry because the numerous resorts are ever ready to grant you a night’s worth of rest. Best of all is that the resorts cater for all pockets, whether you are a high-end traveler looking for all that money can buy or a simple adventurist who is a bit conscious of his budget.

Explore The Holidays In Fiji

Spending the Holidays in FijiBesides the Mamanuca Islands, you can travel to the Yasawa Islands, without breaking the bank. Most people are afraid of visiting different places due to the assumption of exorbitant fees charged. However, Turtle Airways puts such fears to rest by providing low flight rates to Yasawa Islands. For only 380 Fiji Dollars, you can enjoy a trip to the spectacular destination via a seaplane. Yasawa Islands consists of a group of about 20 islands. These offer a dream vacation for any tourist who appreciates authentic beauty.

Since the islands are a volcanic archipelago, they must be seen from above. You cannot be in awe of the fantastic scenery until you take a bird’s view from the many vantage points it offers. The islands are dense with tropical rain-forests and volcanic ridges whose natural beauty you can only obtain from a flight. What’s more is the opportunity to take the topography of the islands home with you as a memento of your trip through the numerous photographs you can take while up in the air.

The world is here for us to enjoy all the scenic beauty which occurs naturally to it. Since the weather keeps changing and may prevent you from going out where you live. You should plan to take your holidays in Fiji during your winter season. The tropical climate will keep your body warm. Mwhile the endless possibilities the islands have to offer might make you reconsider your definition of summer vacation. What are you waiting for; take your trip with us for a fulfilling seaplane experience and see Fiji Islands up-close.