Travel To Fiji To Experience Pristine Nature

Travel to Fiji to Help Protect the EnvironmentFiji is the epitome of what a land endowed with breathtaking natural resources looks like. The home to over 300 islands earns its nickname “Pearl of the Pacific” from the marvelous things it holds under its name. From the crystal clear waters to the palmy and pristine beaches, Fiji is indeed a destination worth visiting. The numerous tourist attractions ranging from museums to national parks beckon people from all over the globe to set their foot on this magnificent paradise. Fiji’s tropical climate is a major plus too because it remains warm through the year. Besides, English is among the official languages making it a preferred destination for all. For this reason, Fiji depends mainly on tourists for its economic growth.

Fiji Is For You If You Love A Tropical Environment

Unfortunately, Fiji’s embodiment of authentic and outstanding beauty might soon be only a fading memory. The lush green forests of the Yasawa Islands could soon be a thing of the past. Sea levels may be rising and threatening these seaside resorts and villages. The spectacular coral reefs are slowly fading since they face ultimate destruction from other species that threaten their existence. The warm and sandy beaches face imminent danger as the coastal areas sink under the rising levels. Still, marine life keeps dwindling in number as the residents continue their unsustainable fishing practices. Fiji might lose its scenic beauty unless people, most especially the tourists and residents, take action.

To truly understand what Fiji stands to lose, you should pay a visit to the country and gain first-hand experience. How about a seaplane ride to the Mamanuca Islands? The land is so beautiful that it attracted the filming crew of Survivor, American edition for five of its seasons, 33rd through to 37th. Matter of fact, the show’s host declared his intention of staying over at the Mamanuca Islands, terming it as the prime location for the show. If that still does not convince you, maybe the many activities the residents there should do the trick. From mini-golf to swimming, you might make a discovery of a secluded beach from the aerial view provided by the seaplane.

View Fiji From The Air

Still not convinced? You can take a ride over the Yasawa Islands and end up pledging your support for protecting Fiji’s environment. The vantage points that the volcanic mountains offer, not to mention the beautiful rain-forests whose breathtaking sight you can only enjoy from the bird’s view. In a few minutes, you can cover more ground on a plane than with any other touring options. The convenience that Turkey Airways provides, plus the affordable rates, makes it an even worthwhile destination.

So, when are you planning to travel to Fiji and help protect the environment? Please hurry before the adverse human activities, and the climatic changes sweep away all the beautiful sites of this tourist destination. You can help preserve the clear turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean, the coral reefs and sandy beaches. Be the tourist that makes a positive change to Fiji by contacting Turtle Airways for the most competitive flight rates you will find. Help save the beauty, the nature and the authenticity of all the country has to offer to everyone around the globe.