ultimate-fiji-tourAs a holiday enthusiast, Fiji should be top of your to-do list. Engulfed in the waters of the Pacific, Fiji is an archipelago blessed with over three hundred islands. In terms of holiday making Fiji offers what other holiday destinations only dream of. From the friendly people to the rich cultures to the white sandy beaches you name it Fiji has it all. Life in Fiji is a constant giggle; not many places can evoke charm and happiness as this island haven.

If you visit Fiji, there are several destinations that you shouldn’t miss. From the island of Yasawa to the Mamanuca Islands chain all the way to Nadi, you are treated to the real Fiji experience. However getting to the destination is also part of the experience. You want to get between destinations faster, right? If so using a sea plane is not only the most convenient way to get between destinations but also the fun way. Imagine the bird view you get as you fly over the blue waters and white beaches? It is simply breathe taking, an experience to live for. Turtle Airways, has the best and most reliable seaplane services in Fiji, remember getting there is part of the adventure.

Here are five top spots you shouldn’t miss and guess what, Turtle Airways can get you there easily by seaplane.

  1. Malolo Island;your vacation cannot be complete without visiting Malolo Island in the Mamanuca island chain for a Jet Ski adventure. The reefs can be seen perfectly as you ski. The adrenaline rush you get from this adventure is second to none. It is just like in the movies. Get to this destination using a Turtle sea plane and experience Fiji.
  2. Scuba diving in Mamanuca; being in the subsurface is an aspiration to many. There is no better place to dive than Mamanuca. Diving gives you the opportunity to view different life forms under the water. The clear waters and the multi-colored waters here are beyond amazing.
  3. Visit the award winning beaches of Yasawa; there is no better way to end a day than to sit at a Yasawa beach and watch the sunset. Get in touch with your inner self at these magnificent destinations. Get to Yasawa aboard a Turtle Airways seaplane and discover a new dimension to holiday making.
  4. Sawa-I-Lau Caves in Yasawa; this is one of the top destinations in Yasawa. The Sawa caves are scenic yet adventurous. Visiting these caves is just like being in a movie. If you love history, these caves should amuse you. The caves offer an adventurous thrill that you can’t find anywhere else.
  5. Garden of the sleeping giant, this is another award-winning destination in Fiji. If you are a fan of nature destination, this is the perfect place for you. Take a stroll in the woods or do some bungee jumping, the garden of the sleeping giant has everything ready for you.

fiji island transfersFiji is an experience you can rarely find anywhere in the world. Make it you next holiday destination. When you get to Fiji, the easiest and most convenient way to see and discover many places is by seaplane. Turtle Airways are one company that is dedicated to helping you make lifetime memories by getting you to these destinations by air. Experience destination Fiji today.