Why Should You Explore the Yasawa Islands?

fijiFiji is made up of more than 300 islands, so it should come as no surprise to learn that some of the islands have retained their natural beauty better than the rest. One example is the Yasawa Islands, which were not open to land-based tourism until 1987. As a result, they remain balanced between human civilization and the untamed wilderness, which makes for an interesting contrast to more populated islands such as Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

Simply put, if you are someone who wants to see the wonders of nature up close and in person, there are few choices that can match the Yasawa Islands when it comes to sheer sensory spectacle. Better still, they offer a remarkable range of experiences, meaning that there is no chance of exhausting their possibilities without repeat trips.

The Landscape

The Yasawa Islands were created by volcanic activity, meaning that it is no coincidence that most of them are hilly by nature. In fact, four of them can claim summits that reach 600m above sea level, which makes them more mountains than hills. Regardless of the exact classification, the result is awe-inspiring, both because of the spectacular view from the summits and because of the winding trails leading through the lush growth that carpets them.

As the summits plunge to meet the sea, the green-covered rocks give way to pristine stretches of sand, which make the perfect complement to the waters that surround the Yasawa Islands. Like the name suggests, the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean are peaceful, meaning that tourists can either frolic to their heart’s content or let their worries be washed away by the sea’s soothing waves. Needless to say, the waters that surround the Yasawa Islands have their own sites of interest, with the Sawa-i-lau Caves being a particularly excellent example.

The Plants and Animals

explore-yasawa-from-seaplaneNo landscape is complete without the plants and animals that inhabit them. Since the Yasawa Islands have remained relatively into the present, they are known for their astonishing array of rare and interesting species even among the island chains of Fiji, which are already famous for their biodiversity.

Although there is much to see on the Yasawa Islands, they are particularly well-known for the marine life in the surrounding waters. In the right seasons, tourists can expect to see the migration of the manta rays, which are one of the most majestic sights in the sea. However, the coral reefs in the vicinity are worth seeing no matter the time of the year, seeing as how they are home to sharks, starfish, and species of fish so colorful that they seem unreal even when seen up close and in person.

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