ultimatte-stress-relief-fijiWhen you get started booking your vacation, you’re looking for the best stress relief that you can find for your money. Fiji is a great location because it’s scenic, beautiful, temperate, and relaxing. In fact, Fiji is well known for being a luxurious, all-inclusive adventure in any number of amazing resorts with unbeatable culture, spa-life, and both culinary and outdoor adventures for you to enjoy. The beaches are white, the people are amazing, and the oceans are crystal-clear and pristine- perfect for divers, families or honeymooners-however, there are a lot of considerations that you should think about to make sure that you’re making the most out of your adventure.

Your Fiji Vacation Could Cover a Lot of Terrain

You might not know this, but the Fiji Islands consist of over 333 little slices of paradise. There’s a good chance that you’re going to want to travel between them, and take in everything that you possibly can, and have the best time imaginable on these islands. Unfortunately, it’s time consuming and expensive for many to travel, because you get stuck on boats, taking lengthy (and obnoxiously crowded) trips that limit the amount of enjoyment that you can have on your Fiji Vacation.

When you’re going on a trip, you want the ultimate in stress relief. You also want to explore, experience culture, and get evolved with some events that are going on in Fiji. While time isn’t all that important when you’re on vacation, it’s extraordinarily stressful to try and plan activities when you don’t know what’s going on, and don’t have a plan to travel in the most efficient way possible.

Travelers should consider:

fiji-vacation-There are 12 public holidays in Fiji

-Lots of adventure and exploration opportunities on private islands

-Great views of the islands at a distance

– Golfing, diving, and fishing

-Endless events, culinary opportunities, and cultural experiences

-shopping, sports, surfing, and weddings

Consider Planning Out Your Transportation, At Least To and From Your Resort

One of the hardest parts of exploration (and often one of the biggest regrets of vacationers year-round) is planning out your transportation between your starting location and your ending location- and in Fiji; these islands could be pretty far apart. Take the time now to establish how you’re going to travel, and where you can go in your allotted time.

Hiring a seaplane gives you the opportunity to go virtually anywhere you want in less time than you probably spend driving around your home town. Seaplanes can take you practically anywhere (it takes Turtle Airways 15 minutes to fly from the Mamanuca Islands, and about 33 minutes to Yasawa Islands). What’s even better is that planes can carry a whole family and about 470kg (combined weight), meaning that you’ll probably have room for as many trinkets as you can carry.

Tips for Fiji Travelers: Planning, Strategy, and Stress Relief

It’s important for vacationers to give themselves time to travel. Give yourself plenty of breaks, ensure you’re drinking plenty of water, and try not to sweat the small stuff. You’re guaranteed to be unable to do everything during your Fiji vacation, but hiring a plane is not only the safest and most secure option, but also among the lowest continuous costs–and is safer in many situations.

You’ll save a ton of time, feel great while you’re flying, and enjoy an amazing view. Contact Turtle Airways for more information today! They’ll reduce your stress when you’re worried about traveling to your resort, and ensure you’re having a great time and making the most out of your vacation!